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The personal treatment we provide to the hotel client is one of the most basic loyalty tools.

Five Tips To Treat The Hotel's Client

It does not matter that we receive them with candy on the pillow if, upon check-in, the receptionist addresses them in an annoyed tone. This is a truism, but other details escape us, and we can improve and offer the best possible deal — for example, the five tips that we provide below.

1. Always look for solutions. The last thing the guest wants to hear is "no." If a specific customer request can not be satisfied for any reason, the hotel should look for a solution that meets their needs. Creativity and speed when finding solutions to problems are essential qualities in every worker of a hotel. Do not forget that the guest will always wait for the hotel staff to be at their disposal for anything they need, and we must meet their expectations.

2. Do not just be polite, be polite. Education is taken for granted, not only in a receptionist or bellhop but in anyone who works for the public. The hotel staff must go one step further and treat the guest with courtesy. For example, smile when the customer approaches check-in and ask about your trip, or remind you that the hotel staff is at your disposal before you go to your room. And if the client responds to our courtesy with bad manners ... take a deep breath, keep smiling and maintain patience.

3. Excellence in room service. The staff of the room service should always be available, take the orders with correction and indicate the delivery time, trying never to exceed 20 minutes. When entering the room, you should avoid observing the place, as the client expects that their privacy is respected to the maximum. And you should always check with the customer that the order is to your liking. There is nothing more annoying when one stays in a hotel than having to call the room service to ask for a command to be rectified.

4. Never argue with the client. Managing complaints is not always easy, but there is a basic rule that must ever be met: even if the client is not right, there is no need to contradict him. It is argued that there has been a communication problem, a misunderstanding or an incidence in the service. We must always apologize and assure the client that the appropriate measures will be taken to solve the problem. Also, you must take the written record of the complaint, and always in sight of the guest, without interrupting at any time while speaking.

5. Know the customs of foreign tourists. If your hotel is a regular destination for travelers from a specific country, it is essential that the staff know how to deal with them and what their customs are. For example, a Chinese guest should never be accommodated in a room whose number contains 4, since his Mandarin pronunciation resembles that of the word "death." A Japanese tourist should always find slippers at the entrance of the room, as they consider it unhygienic to step on the ground in street shoes. And in the restaurant, you should never serve a dish with pork to an Arab customer.

The usual thing is that your hotel receives visitors from many countries, so it is always essential that the staff are people of the world who have been in contact with different cultures. The hotel sector is increasingly competitive, and it is no longer enough to increase the facilities of the establishment to create customer loyalty. If you wish to win his heart, you must do it through the people who will deal with him.